En Experiential experts

Experiential experts

We distinguish ourselves from other bodily injury firms by our expertise and our proactive approach. Furthermore, the founders of our firm have had an accident involving a bodily injury themselves. This allows us to empathize with your situation in order to adapt our service to meet your needs.


By staying small and discreet, we can keep our costs low. This allows us to keep the number of cases per specialist limited in order to spend more time per case. Moreover, this enables us to work proactively on your case and to provide you with the best help possible. This will result in greater satisfaction for you, faster prepayments and ultimately a higher financial compensation!


We are happy to help

After an initial telephone interview, we would like to arrange a house visit in order to inventory the initial damage and to discuss the further procedure with you.

Please call (+31) 085-760 60 13 to ask a question or to report your injury case.

Immediate answer to all your questions

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