En Legal assistance by experts

Legal assistance by experts

An accident can cause negative physical, emotional and financial consequences for you. If another party is liable for the accident, you are entitled to a financial compensation. You probably do not have the proper knowledge yourself, to indicate whether the counter party is liable and what damages need to be reimbursed. When the accident has happened in the Netherlands, the Dutch law is applicable. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an organization that is specialized in bodily injuries which knows all the necessary Dutch laws and regulations in order to achieve a fair financial compensation for you.

Sincerus Letselschade would be happy to help you with this and works completely free of charge!

Experiential experts

We distinguish ourselves from other bodily injury firms by our expertise and our proactive approach. Furthermore, the founders of our firm have had an accident involving a bodily injury themselves. This allows us to empathize with your situation in order to adapt our service to meet your needs.

Immediate answer to all your questions

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