En Where are you entitled to

Where are you entitled to

In case the other party is liable for your accident, this party needs to reimburse the suffered damage and the damage you are still suffering from.

Injury factors :

The total compensation mostly consists of different injury factors. Below you can find an overview of factors where the compensation can consist of:

  • Expenses (e.g. travel expenses, medical expenses, etc.)
  • Damage of material goods (e.g. clothing damages, car/bike damage etc.)
  • Loss of labour capacity (e.g. Loss of income)
  • Loss of working ability (e.g. House holding that you can not do any more, gardening etc.)
  • Pain and suffering (non-pecuniary damage)
  • Legal interest

Let us calculate where you are entitled to!

We are happy to provide you with an indication of the amount of compensation you are entitled to. This is without engagement and completely free of charge! According to your whishes this can be done via the telephone or during a home visit. Our services are completely free of charge! Call (+31) 85 760 60 13 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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