How does a claim settlement process work?

How does a claim settlement process work?

In the most bodily injury cases there are 7 steps for the claims settlement process:

Step 1: Non-committal advice

When you have suffered from a bodily injury, an uncertain phase will arise. The accident and the suffered damage will bring up a lot of questions where you do not have all the answers to yourself. Sincerus Letselschade offers you the possibility to ask non-committal questions to one of our bodily injury specialist. This is possible by phone: 085 – 760 60 13 or via the contact form on this site.

Step 2: interview with the specialist

When it appears that you are entitle to a financial compensation, an appointment for an interview can be made. This interview will in most cases take place at your house.

During the conversation the specialist will ask you all kind of questions. This includes e.g. personal data, how did the accident happen, which damages have arisen and the names of your doctors and/or specialists. By having this information, our specialist will see into the feasibility of the injury claim in order to build up a case.

Step 3: liability of the counterparty

From the moment we believe that the counterparty is liable for the occurred damage(s) and you give us the instruction to help you, we will hold the counterparty liable for your injuries. Starting from this moment, Sincerus letselschade will be your representing party and will help you during the whole claim settlement process.


Step 4: retrieval of relevant information

We will assess the relevant information on basis of the accident and the bodily injury. This information will be e.g. data from the police department and medical data from your doctor, physiotherapist and specialists. Furthermore, we will also inventory your personal damage. In most cases we will also request for information from your employer concerning loss of income.

Step 5: request for a prepayment

When the counterparty has acknowledged the liability, they have to provide a payment in advance. This is in order to prevent you from getting into financial problems. To enforce a prepayment, it is important to have a clear overview of the damages/problems etc. (see step 2). When you have evidence that you have made costs that you would not have made without the bodily injury, this could influence the enforcement for the prepayment positively.

Step 6: The final financial compensation

During the claims settlement process, we will follow your recovering closely. In case you have no physical and/or mental problems anymore, the case can be completed. In case the physical and/or mental problems won’t get better, a medical specialist has to investigate to which extend the bodily injury is permanent. By this investigation report will be determined what you can and ca not do anymore in the future (e.g. if you are still able to work and do the house holding). With this information we can calculate the future damage.

Step 7: the settlement

After step 6 there may arise 3 situations:

  1. De liable party Is willing to pay the financial compensation. This means that your case will be completed on a short-term basis due to the settlement agreement.
  2. The liable party does not agree with the amount of the financial compensation and therefore makes a counteroffer. This is possible if some aspects of the damage are discussable. In this case there may arise a negotiation phase where, in most cases, an agreement can be made.
  3. The liable party does not agree with the amount of the financial compensation and does not want to negotiate. In this case we will advice you about the feasibility of a civil procedure. With a positive advice of us together with your approval, our company lawyer will start a judicial proceeding.

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