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Important tips

Tip 1: In case of pain symptoms, directly go to your general practitioner or doctor

Do not underestimate pain symptoms that have occurred after an accident. Not going to your general practitioner or doctor can cause unpleasant discussions. Especially when it comes to symptoms that are medically hard to detect. E.g. in case of a whiplash, the personal liability insurance has a guideline that typical symptoms as headaches and neck pain directly need to be present. In case these symptoms are not directly present after the accident, some insurers claim that a whiplash is out of the question. In other words, when you visit your general practitioner or doctor 2 months after the accident with complaints about headaches and neck pain, you will know for sure the insurer will come up with unpleasant discussions.

Tip 2: Keep track of your damage from the initial phase

The costs you make, need to be reimbursed by the liable party. Due to our own experience we know that prepayments are easier to obtain when this request goes along with invoices and / or receipts of costs you have already made. Moreover, also travel costs to the hospital, costs of childcare and costs of assistance in the house holding is advisable to inventory from the initial phase.

Tip 3: Do not just agree with a medical examination by a specialist or doctor proposed by the insurer


Tip 4: Make sure that your bodily injury specialist is present at the first visit of the insurer

Shortly after your accident, the liable party (the insurer) will visit you. You have to realize that from that moment on, the insurer is the counterparty. Hence, it is strongly recommended to make sure a bodily injury specialist is present during that visit. We know exactly where to pay attention to and what you can and can not say. This could prevent problems and discussions later on.

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